Who must we
become for life
to flourish?

We are creating
equitable futures.

Our Services:

Visionary organizations, communities and change networks turn to Kinship Blooms for refuge, inspiration and training in this intense time of transition and transformation.

We can help you with:

  • Leadership Development
  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Communities of Practice
  • Convenings
  • Empathy & Bridging Divides
Our Approach:
Our approach is collaborative, embodied, integrative and soulful.

We have over two decades of experience across fields – business, education, politics, the arts and more. We tailor experiential learning and transformative change practices to your needs and opportunities to shift paradigms in the world and within your heart, mind and body.

We Are:

Experience Designers

Change Strategists



We are:

Inspired by wisdom traditions

animated by movements

motivated by love

The Company We Keep:
M. Rako Fabionar is a consultant, facilitator, and healer who cultivates environments for people to experience deeper connection, insight, and well-being. He has created transformative programs and equity focused initiatives for businesses, universities and NGOs for twenty years, and has trained social entrepreneurs, cultural workers, activists, spiritual teachers, and political leaders within the USA, Central America, UK, and Middle East.

Jordan Luftig is a weaver and facilitator of transformative leaders, movements, and ideas. He serves as Co-Director of Kinship Blooms and Senior Advisor at JumpScale, a wellbeing-oriented investment advisory firm and innovation lab. Jordan is a founding member of the Guild of Future Architects and an Integral Master Coach. He is well-versed and accomplished in the worlds of Silicon Valley startups, non-traditional higher education, foundations, and NGOs.

Fresh Blooms:

Kinship Blooms also hatches projects in-house, in partnership with change makers and networks.

We invite your participation in Curriculum V.I.T.A.E., a transformative learning and change initiative supporting innovators and midwives of the next system to make sense of and respond to this moment of whole systems rebirth.

We are running this project through the Guild of Future Architects. You can learn all about it by visiting our Shared Future profile on the Guild's website (coming soon).

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