Who must we
become for life
to flourish?

We are creating
equitable futures.

Our Services:

Visionary leaders, communities, change networks, impact, philanthropic and finance entities turn to Kinship Blooms for inspiration and training in these intense times of transition and transformation. 

We can help you with:

  • Money & Meaningful Value Exchange
  • Leadership Development
  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Communities of Practice
  • Convenings
  • Empathy & Bridging Divides
Our Approach:
Our approach is collaborative, embodied, integrative and soulful.

We have over two decades of experience across fields – business, education, politics, the arts and more. We tailor experiential learning and transformative change practices to your needs and opportunities to shift paradigms in the world and within your heart, mind and body.

We Are:

Entrepreneurs and innovators

Experience Designers

Change Strategists

Facilitators and teachers

Healers and cultural workers

We are:

Inspired by wisdom traditions

animated by movements

motivated by love

The Company We Keep:

M. Rako Fabionar has cultivated innovative learning environments for over two decades as a community educator, graduate school faculty member, and change consultant within the USA and abroad. Rako has created educational centers and designed transformative programs that support the insight of connection and well-being for young adults, social entrepreneurs, civic leaders, cultural workers, and spiritual teachers. He is passionate about serving the common good through integrative approaches to leadership development, cultural pluralism, and social innovation. Rako is the Founder and Co-Director of Kinship Blooms and a founding member of Salmon Nation and the Guild of Future Architects.

Jordan Luftig is Co-Director of Kinship Blooms and Senior Advisor at the investment advisory firm and innovation lab JumpScale. An Integral Master Coach, Jordan also works independently with clients and trains leaders and facilitators as an Associate of Ten Directions. Jordan has cross-sectoral experience in human development and transformative change through past roles as liberal arts professor, foundation officer, nonprofit manager, and social entrepreneur. He is a founding member of the Guild of Future Architects and a passionate advocate of a future human civilization that flowers from the interwoven soil of consciousness, intersectionality, and commoning paradigms.

Robyn Cornish is an operations designer, facilitator, and social entrepreneur working to bring healing through transformative experiences in nature and in conversation. Robyn began her career scaling social enterprise start-ups, advising chosen family offices on operational procedures, and connecting impact investors to social entrepreneurs. An ocean activist and Scuba Dive Master, Robyn brings the ocean’s ecosystems stories to those above the surface, informing her facilitation work on land.

Donna Morton is an Ashoka, Ogunte, and Unreasonable Fellow and lifelong serial social innovator.  Her career highlights include being a co-founder, board member, and former CEO of Change Finance, which created the first 100% fossil-free and high social justice ETFs; her policy work built the momentum and coalitions that led to the passing of the first carbon tax in North America and the creation of solar art murals and gamification projects that allowed Indigenous communities to own their own clean energy projects.  The core of all of her work brings together very diverse people to share power and craft solutions that can only emerge from the spaces between and collective alignment.

Fresh Blooms:

Wayfinding and Presencing the Vital Future

An Invitation to a Community of Practice – Beginning May 31, 2022

This intense time of transition is stirring, and it brings to surface what wants to be seen, felt, and engaged – as well as healed and transformed.

As a team and community of practice, the question that we hear and hold is, “How might we become more present, alive, and adaptive during this disorienting moment in our history?”

We know that there are ways of being that can guide us into greater vitality in our bodies, communities, and world. And we need to learn how to do this together better.

We invite you to explore this with us in community. Learn more here 

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